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Employers Committing Workers Compensation Fraud

Employers Committing Workers Compensation Fraud

When you hear about workers’ compensation fraud, you undoubtedly think about workers defrauding their employers and insurance companies to get benefits. However, the truth is that employers committing workers compensation fraud is far more than employees are. So, if you’ve recently gotten injured on the job, you’re at serious risk of getting defrauded. Wondering what to look for to avoid that situation? Here’s what you need to know.

It All Starts with a Failure to Tell Employees That They Have Rights

Upon suffering an on-the-job injury, you’re likely to report the claim to your employer immediately. At that moment, they need to let you know that you have rights.

If they fail to do that simple task, then they’re not coming through on their end of the bargain. The employer pays for workers’ compensation insurance for a reason and should point you in the right direction, so you can get the care and support you need.

Worse yet, the employer might deny that the injury happened on the job. When that happens, they may get your claim denied outright, resulting in severe repercussions for you. It’s even possible that their allegations could result in you getting accused of committing workers’ compensation fraud.

Alternatively, they may ask you to pretend the accident happened offsite and promise to cover your bills. Unfortunately, that often ends in disaster when the employer doesn’t pay for all the expenses. Or if the injury results in disability or a lifetime of ongoing medical bills.

Your Right to Seek Medical Care After Getting Injured on the Job

When you get injured on the job, your employer should let you know about your right to file a workers’ compensation claim. You also have the right to seek medical treatment right away and have the expenses covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

You can either file the claim directly or have your doctor do it for you. Either way, your continued treatment should get covered under the claim, helping ensure that you can make a full recovery from on-the-job injuries.

Additional Employee Rights When It Comes to Workers’ Compensation

Your rights don’t end at access to medical care either. When you file a workers’ compensation claim, you also have the right to apply for temporary or permanent disability. On top of that, you should have the option to request lifetime coverage of all your future medical bills resulting from the injury.

If you honor your employer’s request to lie about where the injury happened, then you’re likely to end up without any rights at all. Similarly, if your employer pushes against your claim with lies, then you’re equally likely to lose your rights. Fortunately, you can work with an attorney to clear up the issue and move forward with your workers’ compensation claim.

Did Your Employer Commit Workers’ Compensation Fraud?

If you suspect that your employers committing workers compensation fraud, reach out to our team at Burgis Law for the support you need. We’re always available to take your call at 888-287-4471 whenever you need to get legal advice. We can even help you fight against fraud allegations, which often happen when the employer is wrong. So, please feel free to contact us anytime to schedule your free consultation.

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