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Insurance Company Denied Your Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Insurance Company Denied Your Workers’ Compensation Claim?

After going through all the work of filing a workers’ compensation claim, there’s perhaps nothing more demoralizing than receiving a denied workers’ compensation claim. As you read through the letter’s contents, it becomes clear that you’re in dire need of support. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Our Michael Burgis and Associates team can provide all the guidance and support you need to move forward with your claim. Ready to get started? Here’s what you need to know.

A Denial Letter is Not the End of the Road

First, a denial letter is not the end of the road. The insurance company has the right to deny the claim for several reasons, including:

  • Inconsistent statements
  • Incomplete paperwork
  • Inaccurate claim info

That doesn’t mean you need to accept their findings and move on. You can challenge their reasons for the denial and move forward with your workers’ compensation case.

Skilled Attorneys Can Help Turn Things Around

A skilled attorney is a must if you want to resolve the denial without harming your case. Your lawyer will use their legal knowledge to help you in all the following ways.


The first step in resolving the denial is appealing the insurance company’s decision. Your attorney will help you fill out all the paperwork and submit the appeal before the deadline. Furthermore, they will let you know what to expect and how to navigate the next steps.

Medical Treatment

Depending on the reason for the denial of your case, your lawyer may help you see a doctor on a lien basis. You will then get access to medical care without having insurance or making an upfront payment.

After your visit, the doctor will provide commentary on your on-the-job injury and potentially help strengthen your case. Then, with your lawyer’s help, they will file the correct lien against the workers’ compensation insurance company to acquire payment for their services.


To help bridge the gap until your workers’ comp case gets settled, your lawyer will help you complete the paperwork for state disability. You may qualify for timely payments that help you stay afloat during the appeal process.

Since every case is different, your attorney will need to review your case to decide the best steps to follow. These are just a few ways they can help, however. There may be more depending on the specifics of your case.

Time is Of the Essence, So Act Fast to Move Forward

When facing a denial of your workers’ compensation claim, time is of the essence. The appeal deadline looms as soon as the paperwork hits the mailbox, leaving you scrambling to challenge their decision.

Frequently, there are roadblocks in the way, too, which can further complicate matters as you try to find a resolution. So, be sure to reach out immediately upon receiving notification of the denial to avoid wasting time.

Our Michael Burgis & Associates team is always available at (888) BURGIS1 whenever you need assistance. Feel free to call us at your earliest convenience, and we’ll set up a free consultation whenever you’re available to discuss your case.


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