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What You Need To Know Before You Retire

What You Need To Know Before You Retire

Are your dreams of retirement finally coming into focus? If so, you definitely need to speak with a lawyer before bringing your career to a close. Otherwise, you could end up walking away from substantial benefits, potentially leaving you dealing with severe problems down the road. Wondering just what benefits you could seek? Here’s what you need to know.

You Could Leave Major Benefits on the Table

As you worked day in and day out through the decades, your job likely resulted in significant wear and tear on your body. If you’ve spent your days in front of a computer, neck pain, carpel tunnel, and many other issues undoubtedly impact your life as a result. Was your job even more physical than that? Then, you may have a laundry list of health problems resulting from your job duties.

No matter your role, if you walk away from your job and retire without speaking with a lawyer, you could end up leaving benefits on the table, including monetary compensation and lifetime future medical. If that happens, then all the pain, mobility issues, and other problems stemming from on-the-job injuries are yours alone to deal with, allowing your employer to dodge responsibility.

How Lawyers Assess the Potential for Claims

You waive your right to file a claim against your employer by simply retiring. So, it’s essential to speak with a lawyer before ending your career so that you can explore the potential for compensation and future lifetime medical benefits.

When you meet with an attorney, they will assess your ability to file a claim by asking:

Do you have pain, weakness, mobility issues, tingling, numbness, or other symptoms?
What were your primary job duties throughout most of your career?
How long did you work in roles with repetitive or physically demanding job duties?
If you have ongoing symptoms caused by your job duties, you may qualify for permanent disability or other benefits. You’ll need to link the injuries to your career using medical evidence from a doctor. Then, you can have your lawyer take the case and fight for your right to receive the benefits in question.

Ready to Speak with a Lawyer About Your Plans to Retire?

So, by now, you’re likely wondering, “Am I entitled to compensation before I retire?” If that’s the case, then it’s time to contact our team at Michael Burgis & Associates. And be sure to do so before letting your employer know that you will retire soon.

Thankfully, we make it easy to get the legal representation you need throughout this process. With a single call to 888-287-4471, you can set up a free consultation meeting where you can discuss your situation with our legal team. We’ll help assess your case and provide the info you need to decide if you should file a claim before you retire.

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