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Applying for benefits – Work Comp

Applying for benefits – Work Comp

If you or someone you love has been involved in a work-related claim for a severe injury, you probably know there’s often some haggling with the insurance company. If a doctor has certified that you can’t work, but the insurance company has denied the claim, you’re not receiving the benefits you deserve. Fortunately, there’s help. You can get the legal representation and support you need to ensure you’re being applying for benefits you’re entitled to after your work injury.

Applying the Right Way Matters

How you go about applying for benefits can have nearly as much impact as the application itself. That means you’ll want to pursue the issue in the best possible way for your needs right from the very beginning. When you do that, you reduce the chances of denials. If your claim is denied, working with an attorney with workers’ compensation experience can make it easier to get your claim through. Don’t settle for missing out on the benefits you deserve from a work injury!

You Can Start With EDD

By applying for your state disability benefits through EDD, you’ll be paid two-thirds of your salary for up to one year. That’s true whether or not the injury is proven to be industrial. You’ll be working with an attorney during that time, which gives you and your legal advocate a year to get everything straightened out for insurance to pick up the claim. The claims process doesn’t always move quickly, but you must be receiving some financial help during the process. That’s why EDD is so beneficial.

Insurance Will Pick Up the Claim Later

By the one of that year, when EDD resolves, insurance will theoretically pick up the claim. You don’t want that claim to be denied, or you could end up right back where you started. The right attorney matters because they can help you make your case to the insurance company. Then you’ll be getting temporary disability through the insurance company until your situation is resolved and you can return to work.

Reach Out to Get Started Today

If you have questions about disability for a work-related injury or dealing with an insurance company denial, reach out to us today. At Michael Burgis & Associates, we understand the worries you have. We’re here, and we can help you get the fair and just compensation you deserve while you’re recovering from a workplace injury.


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