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Even desk jobs can cause serious health problems

Even desk jobs can cause serious health problems

You know that working in a physical profession carries certain health and safety risks. Construction workers, loggers, deep-sea fishermen, landscape professionals: All of these people face a great risk of getting injured on the job.

Many people think they’ll avoid work-a-day hazards by getting an office job; siting at a desk all day, working on a computer. It seems safe. It seems healthy. But the numbers of people reporting injuries resulting from office work continues to climb every year.

The injuries may not be the result of an accident with equipment, but they are, nonetheless, just as serious.

Poor posture

First and foremost, you may have poor posture. It may not be your fault; perhaps the company didn’t offer you a standing desk and neglected to give you an ergonomic chair. Regardless, if you’re bent over a desk all day, it can take a serious toll on your back and your spine. All of that pressure pushing down for eight or nine hours a day can lead to lower back pain that you can .

Poor breathing

Did you know that your posture can also impact your breathing? Experts found that slouching, which causes your spine to curve, makes it far harder to take the full breaths that you need. This, in turn, reduces your overall oxygen intake. They say that your brain actually ends up getting less oxygen than it needs in some cases, meaning you can’t concentrate. If your work suffers, think about how you’re sitting.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Another well-known issue with computer work is carpal tunnel syndrome, which can become so painful that it’s impossible for you to work. You may need extensive time off or even surgery. This often happens to people who type all day long with few or infrequent breaks.

The laptop risk

Laptop computers have gotten more popular than ever. A lot of people use them on their desks, even if they have space for traditional desktops devices. It’s not just about portability and convenience. It’s about that sleek modern look and feel for the office. Unfortunately, a laptop is shorter than a computer monitor, so you tip your head farther down when you look at the screen. This may be fine for a short time, but doing it all day, every day, can really cause serious neck issues.

Real risks

As you can see, working in the office still means that you face some serious health concerns. You may not worry about the catastrophic issues that plague fishermen and construction workers, but these are still real risks that can change your life. If you get hurt at work in any fashion, be sure you know what legal steps to take.

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