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Five Tips After A Car Accident

Five Tips After A Car Accident

No one ever wants to get into a car accident. But the truth is, it happens every day. And if you’re not prepared, you could find yourself in a world of trouble. Here are our five tips after a car accident. 

What to Do After a Car Accident

Here are five steps that you need to take to protect yourself

when you’ve been involved in a rear-end accident.

1. Make sure everyone is safe. Call for help if needed.

Starting with yourself and all your passengers, check to ensure that everyone is doing okay. Check with the other driver and any passengers if you can as well. If anyone has been injured, do not hesitate to call an ambulance.

Make sure that your surroundings are also safe. 

Vehicles travel at excessive speeds up to 60, 70, and even 80 miles an hour on the freeway. If you need to, and if your car is drivable, try to pull over to the side of the highway.

2. Call the police.

The police are a neutral party, and they’re there to help. They will help you move your vehicle off to the side of the road. They will close the freeway off if necessary. And they will make sure that any emergency medical services you need will be at the scene.

3. Exchange information and take photographs of the vehicles.

The police at the scene will also help you exchange information to

ensure that you have everything you need once you leave the accident location. You should get contact information from the other driver, take photos of the accident scene, and write down any notes you don’t want to forget.

4. Do not speak with any insurance companies.

This includes your insurance company and the other party’s. The insurance companies are not there to help. They are not “good neighbors,” and they are not “on your side.” They won’t provide you with any peace of mind. What should you do instead?

5. Contact an attorney.

Instead of looking to your insurance company for help, you need to find a reputable attorney. A lawyer can help you navigate the complex insurance system and the court system if necessary.

You should be looking for an experienced attorney in the type of accident you were in. Look for one who will speak to the insurance companies on your behalf so that you can focus on your affairs, most notably, recovering from your injuries.

Contact Michael Burgis & Associates, P.C.

If you’ve been involved in a rear-end accident on the freeway, give Michael Burgis & Associates, P.C. a call today. 

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