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Inexperienced new hires often suffer workplace injuries

Inexperienced new hires often suffer workplace injuries

Safety training is one of the most crucial aspects of any company’s quest to protect the health and safety of workers, regardless of the industry. Too many workers in California suffer workplace injuries within their first few months on the job because employers did not provide safety training from day one. The first thing new hires should learn is that safety comes first — always.

Employers can test new hires to determine how much they know about the safety requirements of their jobs. Training can then be focused on the necessary aspects, and some employers use their experienced workers to guide new hires. Assigning each new worker a safety-conscious buddy who can provide valuable guidance that is based on experience can help employers to monitor new workers and correct their mistakes.

Companies that use the services of staffing agencies sometimes assume that temporary workers are experienced and sufficiently trained. Safety authorities hold both the employers and the staffing agencies responsible for safety training. Agencies can provide basic training while each employer conducts job-specific training to teach new workers how to deal with the safety hazards they might encounter.

California workers who suffer workplace injuries within their first weeks or months in a new job might have questions about their eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits. An attorney who is experienced in dealing with benefits claims can provide the necessary guidance and support. Injured workers typically receive compensation to cover their medical expenses, including doctors’ bills, hospitalization, therapy and more, along with wage-replacement packages to make up for a percentage of lost income.

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