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Injury Cases Fought in Two Different Courts

Injury Cases Fought in Two Different Courts

Did you know that some injury cases are fought in two different courts to get you the total compensation you deserve under the law?

This type of situation is a lot more common than you might think. Below, we’ll outline the particular circumstances that may warrant such a situation and help you get the legal representation you need if you find yourself in this position.

When Might a Personal Injury Case Need to Be Fought in Two Courts?

The reason someone might need to have their case fought in two different courts has to do with the circumstances of their injuries. Generally speaking, if two other parties are at fault for your injuries, your case will need to be fought in two courts.

These cases occur when both general liability and workers’ compensation damages are involved. For example, imagine driving for your employer as part of your job duties and getting into a car accident that another driver caused. In this case, the other driver would be at fault for your injuries and would owe you damages. But your employer would also owe you damages through their workers’ compensation insurance because you would have been injured while on the job.

Or here’s another example: Let’s say you’re at a job site, and you slip and fall because of the property owner’s negligence. In this case, you could sue the property owner for personal injury damages. You would also be entitled to collect your employer’s workers’ compensation because you slipped and fell while working.

In Which Courts Will Cases Like These Need to Be Fought?

Most laypeople aren’t aware of this, but there are different court systems for different types of legal cases. In the examples above, these cases would have to be fought in both the workers’ compensation court and the personal injury court.

Some clients find this a burden because it means more paperwork and potential court dates, and, sometimes, a longer wait time. However, as your legal representation, it is our duty to obtain all of the damages you are owed in your case. And to get you the full recovery you deserve under the law, fighting your case in two courts is sometimes necessary.

Were You Injured Because of Someone Else’s Negligence? Injured on the Job?

Does your injury case need to be fought in two different courts? We have done countless personal injury and workers’ compensation cases for our clients in the past. We’ve been able to get our clients every dollar they deserved due to their unfortunate injuries, pain, and suffering.

Feel free to contact us today and book your free initial consultation. We would be happy to sit down with you to discuss your case and legal options.

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