Negligence with nail gun causes serious workplace injuries

Negligence with nail gun causes serious workplace injuries

  • Oct 05, 2020
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Each industry has its own set of dangers, and the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health provides safety guidelines to mitigate most risks. However, many workplace injuries are caused by just two factors — a lack of training and complacency. Workers who have worked with specific power tools for years become complacent and disregard safety rules. However, preventable injuries will continue to happen if workers do not receive training to teach them about potential hazards and how to protect themselves.

Cal/OSHA recently cited a Santa Margarita company after the agency completed an investigation into an April workplace accident. Reportedly, a carpenter suffered a serious injury when he accidentally discharged a pressure-powered nail gun. According to the Cal/OSHA release, the worker held his finger on the trigger of the nail gun that he carried. The nail that was shot plunged into the worker’s arm.

Cal/OSHA further revealed that this contractor was also cited and fined in 2015 when a nail was shot into the knee of a worker. At that time, the company was ordered to ensure that these dangerous power tools were only carried by their handles. However, in the latest investigation, inspectors determined that the injured worker received no training in the safe handling and operation of the nail gun.

Regardless of the type of workplace injuries suffered by employees of California businesses, they will likely be eligible for insurance benefits that will cover their medical expenses and lost wages. Many injured workers choose to utilize the services of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. A lawyer can provide support and guidance throughout the administrative and legal proceedings of the claims process.


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