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Not Receiving Your Disability Checks?

Not Receiving Your Disability Checks?

Getting injured in the workplace can be stressful. It’s not just the pain of the injury itself but the stress of making sure the bills get paid while you’re unable to work. If you’ve had a workplace injury and been treated by a workers’ compensation doctor, you’ll have peace of mind when your disability checks start. But what if those checks stop? That could cause a severe financial strain. Many people don’t have much savings and can’t afford to be without money regularly.

The Doctor and the Insurance Company

If you don’t get your check like you were expecting to, you may find that the doctor says they’ve sent information to your insurance company, and the insurance company says they’ve never received anything from your doctor. You probably won’t find those things out on the first try. Getting through to your insurance company can take multiple phone calls, emails, and other efforts to contact them. Reaching your doctor and getting a reply is often similarly frustrating and can take days or even weeks.

All the time you’re trying to get an answer, the mortgage and other bills still need to be paid. Your insurance company and doctor aren’t being held accountable, and they’re not doing anything about it. That adds to your worry and can even keep you from healing from your injury as well as possible. Fortunately, there’s a way you can avoid all of these kinds of headaches when you work with a legal advocate who can interact with the doctor and insurance company on your behalf.

The Right Legal Team Means Peace of Mind

You can get more peace of mind when you seek good legal help. When you have a legal team behind you, you know someone is making sure the doctor is contacting your insurance company. The insurance company is verifying that they received the information. Legal help also means the check is going out when it should be, and you can expect it so that you can pay your bills. That helps you put the issue behind you and heal up from your injury to go back to work again.

Reach Out for Legal Support Today

Contact us today for the legal help you need in a disability case. If you were receiving your checks on time, and they suddenly stopped, or if you’re having trouble with a denied claim, Michael Burgis & Associates is here for you. Don’t settle for the excuses your doctor or insurance company might be making. We can help you get to the bottom of the issue, so you can worry less and focus on your recovery. Reaching out to us will help you have more security and peace of mind as you heal from a workplace injury.

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