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Things to know about repetitive motion injuries

Things to know about repetitive motion injuries

Depending on your profession, there’s a chance you could put stress on the same body part, day in and day out. While this doesn’t appear to be a big deal, the stress can have an impact on your body over time.

This is where a repetitive motion injury could come into play. Also known as repetitive stress injuries (treat its with help ), the end result can be damage to ligaments, nerves, muscles and tendons.

For example, carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common repetitive motion injuries, often suffered by professionals who type all day or work as store cashiers.

Is treatment possible?

Fortunately, just the same as with most injuries, it is possible to treat a repetitive motion injury. If you have reason to believe you’re suffering from one of these types of injuries, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek medical guidance. Your doctor can order the necessary diagnostic tests to render the correct diagnosis. He or she can then implement an effective treatment plan that will lead to healing and freedom from pain.

Most repetitive motion injury rehab programs include the following (along with plenty of rest):

  • The application of ice and heat
  • Occupational therapy
  • Exercises to help strengthen and stretch the affected area
  • Use of a brace or other device to immobilize the injury as it heals
  • Conditioning exercises to help prevent injury again in the future

While the above treatment strategies have proven effective, you can’t get on the right path until you first surround yourself with the right team. Some of the many types of medical professionals who can provide assistance include:

  • Primary care doctors
  • Sports medicine doctors
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Occupational medicine doctors

With the right rehab team on your side, it’s much easier to feel confident in your ability to treat and overcome your injuries once and for all.

Not all repetitive motion injuries are a result of employment, but this could be the case for you. If so, make sure you report the injury to your employer, while also sharing information on your diagnosis and treatment plan https://orderklonopin2mg.com/ambien/.

If you’re unable to perform your job as you recover, it’s possible you may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

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