Why Do You Need A Work Comp Attorney?

Why Do You Need A Work Comp Attorney?

  • Feb 15, 2022
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Were you injured on the job? Are you wondering if you need a workers’ comp attorney? If so, you might also be thinking “why do you need a work comp attorney?”

Up ahead, we’ll discuss your options as they pertain to workers’ compensation claims. Including the most significant reasons to hire a workers’ comp attorney and why doing so right away is critical to your case.

Why Should I Hire a Workers’ Comp Attorney After a Work Injury?

When it comes to workers’ compensation claims, time is of the essence. Time needs to be utilized to make sure that you maximize your benefits and get the best possible medical treatment.

We want our clients to receive efficient, thorough, and immediate medical treatment for their injuries. But if we wait too long to file a claim, problems may arise, and your injuries may get worse, which can extend beyond your body’s ability to heal correctly.

Fortunately, you are entitled to a list of benefits after a work injury. It’s just a matter of obtaining them, and that’s where a workers’ comp attorney can help.

What Can Happen if I Don’t Act Quickly Enough After My Injury?

Sometimes, a workers’ compensation case can end up getting off the ground after an extended period. Then it may go on for too long. When this happens, the client may start having exacerbated symptoms, worse and worse pain, and an increasing number of physical and emotional issues.

This happened to a client recently. This client came to our office with another attorney for six years. It had been six long years of treatment with the wrong physicians. He came to our office with severe arm injuries and a desperate need for proper medical treatment and legal help. We immediately took his case on.

In just six short months, we got him the proper medical treatment he needed, and we were also able to buckle down on his case. This boon to his physical and mental health from better treatment with help https://www.veginspired.com/health/buy-klonopin/, combined with our work on his case, finally got things moving forward.

In the end, we were able to have an excellent outcome for this client. Proving that not only do you need to find a workers’ comp lawyer after a work-related injury, but you need to find the right one as well. We put a lot of time and effort into this client, and now he is feeling better than ever.

Of course, had he had the proper representation from the beginning, he might still have use of both his arms. Unfortunately, his body started to deteriorate because time went on without progress.

Today, we’re proud to say that we helped this gentleman get some of his life back. We hope we can help you get your life back too.

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Suppose the proper workers’ comp attorney does not represent you or don’t have any representation at all. In that case, your workers’ compensation case may go on for a long time. During this time, you may potentially get worse.

It would help if you had someone to represent your best interests, someone on your side to make sure things move quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly. Contact Michael Burgis & Associates today to schedule a free initial consultation regarding your workers’ comp case. We’re here to help. We go the distance.

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