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Workplace injuries are par for the course for firefighters

Workplace injuries are par for the course for firefighters

Citizens of California rely heavily on firefighters and paramedics during emergencies. Not only are firefighters often first responders in natural disasters, explosions, wildfires and other calamities, but they also run into burning buildings. They risk their lives every day to keep others alive, regardless of the workplace injuries they might suffer, and their loved ones are always aware of the fact that they might not come home safely.

Authorities say a Sacramento firefighter suffered injuries when he was part of a crew that fought a house fire on a recent Wednesday. Reportedly, two houses were engulfed in flames, and fire crews from both the Sacramento Fire Department and Metro Fire were fighting the blaze. They say the fire caused the displacement of 10 people.

One firefighter-paramedic suffered burns to his hands. He was transported to a burn center for treatment of injuries of unknown severity. Burn injuries can cause extended periods of absence from work because the healing process is slow. In many cases, skin grafts must be done, which creates additional wounds that must heal before a worker can return to work.

Victims of workplace injuries often experience anxiety due to the mounting medical bills and the lack of income while they are recovering with help https://oclaserdental.com/buy-klonopin-online/. This is where the California workers’ compensation insurance program comes in. It offers benefits that will cover all the medical expenses related to the injuries along with a wage replacement package for those who are temporarily disabled. Although the claims process can be complicated, an attorney who is experienced in navigating workers’ compensation claims can assist with the legal and administrative proceedings in pursuit of maximum benefits.

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