How To File Petitions and Navigate Collective Bargaining Agreements | Workers Comp Attorney Los Angeles

How To File Petitions and Navigate Collective Bargaining Agreements | Workers Comp Attorney Los Angeles

  • Jan 05, 2024
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Are you an injured worker’s attorney in California? Have you grappled with a worker’s comp case under the jurisdiction of the State of California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) only to confront the complexities of a collective bargaining agreement and its associated arbitration provision? The evolving landscape of appellate courts in California and the nuances of how to submit petitions can be intricate.

Michael Burgis, a legal certified specialist in California Workers’ Compensation and a seasoned trial attorney, delves into this intricate topic. Armed with the most recent case law, Michael sheds light on your rights, the processes to file a petition, and specifically, how to file a petition in court following arbitration rulings.

One pivotal case that took center stage recently is Manuel Ramirez v Vons from 2022. Its outcomes and implications could be polarizing, contingent upon the stance you find yourself in. The nuances of filing a petition for removal in interlocutory orders versus appealing through a petition for reconsideration post a final order are all laid out.

While the legal world of California workers’ compensation law is vast, the right guidance can pave a clear path. For those navigating the mazes of workers’ compensation in California, the distinction between petitions for removal and reconsideration, especially in light of recent case law, is vital.

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Hi. Are you a California injured worker’s attorney? And you filed a worker’s comp case within the jurisdiction of the WCAB, only to find out the jurisdiction needed to be remanded out because there was a collective bargaining agreement and arbitration provision?

And you’re wondering, what are my appellate rights? Well, there’s a recent case law that just came out and it shed some light on that.

Hi, my name is Michael Burgis. I’m a legal certified specialist in California Workers’ Compensation. I’m a trial attorney and the managing attorney of MB&A.

Appellate Rights Under a Collective Bargaining Agreement

If you’re wondering what your appellate rights are, when you’re bound by a collective bargaining agreement and an arbitration provision, and you’re wondering, do I have the right to file a petition for removal or do I have a right to file a petition for reconsideration outside of the collective bargaining agreement into workers’ comp and the Worker’s Comp Appeals Board?

Petition for Removal

Well, there’s a recent case called Manuel Ramirez v Vons that came out in 2022 that sheds light on that. And it’s kind of a bad holding depending on what side you’re on. But there’s a petition for removal, and that’s when there’s an interlocutory order, or not a final order, that causes prejudice to the injured worker where you can file what’s called a petition for removal. And a petition for reconsideration happens when there’s a final order and you’re appealing the final decision.

Essentially, what the case law has come down to say is, you don’t have the right to file a petition for removal into the WCAB.

Petition for Reconsideration

However, you do have that right on a final order. So, again, if you’re in arbitration and the ombudsman or the arbitrator orders further development of the record, you cannot file a petition for removal to the WCAB. You have to wait till there’s a final order. Then you can do a petition for reconsideration outside of the carve out and back into the Worker’s Comp Appeals Board, appellate level.

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