Wrongfully Terminated Due To Work Restrictions?

Wrongfully Terminated Due To Work Restrictions?

  • Jan 27, 2022
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Were you wrongfully terminated due to work restrictions? Perhaps you had a lifting restriction or could not carry out another duty because of a physical constraint?

There are laws in California that protect you against this type of situation. Read on to learn more.

Case Study: Woman Fired for an Injury-Related Lifting Restriction

Here’s a quick story that can help illustrate the importance of employee rights regarding injuries and disabilities.

A recent client approached our office and explained that she had been let go from her job. Before her being fired, she had experienced an outside-the-office injury. She went to the doctor and got a simple doctor’s note explaining she shouldn’t lift anything heavy. She then took that piece of paper and handed it to her boss. The next day, guess what happened.

Overnight, her employer started nitpicking her performance. Overnight, they gave her the cold shoulder and began to ignore her. They marginalized her and made her feel worthless.

This was a worker who had been at her place of employment for several years. She had had excellent performance reviews all along, yet they continued to ostracize her. And you know what eventually happened? They fired her. She then came to our office, not knowing if she had a case. What she did know was that something was wrong.

We discussed the case and decided to move forward with charges. After exploring the situation, we found that wrongdoing was committed against our client. And we also found that this employer had been acting illegally toward other employees.

In the end, we fought for this client, and she was ultimately proven to be correct. In the end, she was awarded damages for illegal termination, and the employer apologized to her for what they did. Finally, she had made a lesson of that employer.

Fight for Yourself. Contact Michael Burgis and Associates Today.

Too often, employees feel that they are accountable to their employers for everything. In reality, the employee-employer relationship is a symbiotic one. You work for your employer, and they pay you for that work.

Suppose you have a disability or injury that prevents you from doing something physical at your job. In that case, you should still be able to work there. It’s okay to stand up for yourself. If someone like you doesn’t stand up against an unfair employer, then think how far they could take their abuses. Don’t let this happen to you.

If you have recently been let go from a job and you think it may have been for a disability-related reason, I encourage you to reach out for help.

Give Michael Burgis and Associates a call. We’ll talk through it.

Every case is different. But we will analyze your claim, and we must steer you in the right direction. Contact us today. We look forward to speaking with you.

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