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If you’ve been injured while on the job, don’t let your employer talk you into signing anything regarding the incident without first consulting an attorney. A disability benefits attorney should be the first person you call. In Los Angeles, a worker injured on the job is entitled to have their employer pay the costs the employee would incur because of that work injury. However, the costs to cover treatment may not be the only costs you’ll need to consider. You may miss work or suffer stress related to the injury that can affect your life beyond that one incident. You’ll need an experienced disability benefits lawyer to get you the money you deserve and get your life back on track.

Los Angeles Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Who Will Help You Get Benefits

The worker accident attorneys at Michael Burgis & Associates, P.C., have represented hundreds of injured workers and helped them get the disability benefits they need. Michael Burgis has represented hard-working people across the greater Los Angeles area, people like you who need help with a job-related issue like getting Workers’ Compensation benefits or helping employees with other workplace related legal issues.

California law protects workers who are just doing their job and receive an injury by providing that some employers will be responsible for some costs regarding work-related injuries. However, the system can be complicated and difficult. Not all employers are covered by Workers’ Compensation and the employer may not be responsible for certain problems you encounter as a result of your injuries. You’ll be expected to understand how the system works and sign a lot of complicated paperwork. A lawyer can help you deal with the issue without worry.

Understanding Your Eligibility for Disability Benefits in California

Our attorneys can help you understand your rights regarding disability benefits and Workers’ Compensation in California. You may seek a variety of benefits under the law.

Medical benefits will include the cost of your treatment, everything from any surgeries you need to the drugs you may be prescribed by a medical professional.

Temporary disability payments may cover wages that you missed while recovering from your injuries. However, there are certain requirements to meet to be eligible to receive these payments. Our attorneys can help you find out if you are eligible.

Permanent disability payments can help if you’re out of work for a significant period or are unable to return to work. The amount you receive will depend on factors like how the extent of your injuries affects your ability to perform your regular duties.

You may even receive money to learn a new skill if you can’t return to your old job if you’re a California resident. These are called supplemental job displacement benefits, and our team of work accident attorneys in Los Angeles can discuss whether you’ll be eligible to receive them.

Your Workers’ Compensation issue won’t only involve your employer. You’ll have to deal with a doctor who may not be your trusted medical professional. You’ll most certainly have to deal with your employer’s insurance claims agent and other interested parties, all while you try to recover from your work-related injury.

How Our Los Angeles Disability Benefits Attorney Can Help

Whether it’s dealing with doctors or a state employee, an experienced work-related injury attorney can help the process go more smoothly. Our lawyers can help reduce the stress you’ll experience and help you make sure casual errors don’t cause more problems for you. We’ve performed these services for many in the Los Angeles area, and have given others the peace of mind that comes with knowing a team of committed professionals has your back.

We will hear what you have had to say about the incident that led to your Workers’ Compensation claim. We’ll do our part to give a thorough investigation if necessary. We will take a full accounting of the situation before moving forward with your case.

You may have heard that a Workers’ Compensation case can be handled easily and possibly without the help of a lawyer. Do you want to risk not getting all the benefits you are entitled to because of hearsay? We will do what it takes to make certain you receive whatever you need to heal and take care of yourself or your family while you recover. We can be the go-between for doctors, insurance agents, state workers or anyone else you would have to talk with to resolve your claim.

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