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Have you suffered an injury at work that is keeping you off the job and hurting your ability to earn a living? Are you feeling the weight of your normal bills, while medical bills also pile up? If you’re in California, contact the law firm of Michael Burgis & Associates, P.C., because we can help.

Our firm has years of experience with helping working Californians like you deal with the problems that come with a workplace injury. Our Workers’ Compensation attorneys can assist you with such issues as:

  • Finding the best possible medical care near you.
  • Getting payment for your medical bills.
  • Getting wages while you heal.

We will listen to your story regarding your injuries and become a powerful advocate for you in the face of the complicated legal system. Don’t worry about getting the paperwork done or fighting with insurance companies. Let us handle the details while you get back on your feet and back to work, if possible.

Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Southern California

The work injury lawyers in our firm can help you in several ways. Aside from pointing you toward great medical care, we handle several different workplace injury issues and can get benefits for you depending on your situation.

Medical Benefits: If you are seriously injured at work, we will help you get payment for the medical care that arises from those injuries, for as long as you need it.

Permanent Disability Benefits: You may not be able to return to work or to your regular job, in which case you may need permanent disability benefits.

Temporary Disability Benefits: You may qualify for benefits that match lost wages from being out of work due to your workplace injury.

Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits: If you can’t return to your old job, you may qualify for money to train you for a new job. You can get a voucher for a training program or take classes to learn a skill.

A number of work-related injuries can lead to lost wages and weeks of stress. We can handle any situation — from serious accidents to illnesses caused by poor working conditions.

Work Injury Attorneys Who Are on Your Side

Our goal is to reduce your worries and help you get your finances in order while you recover. To that end, we will keep you updated on your case, provide you with the needed and relevant information about your issue, and stay on top of any problems that might arise.

When you hire one of us as your workplace injury attorney, we will treat you with the utmost respect and the same consideration we would give a family member. This means going the distance with your Workers’ Compensation claim and asking for the maximum amount of compensation available — with a history of winning that for our clients.

The First Visit with Us Is Free

YWe are among the most diligent and tireless work injury lawyers in the Pomona area, and your time will be well spent letting us help with your concerns. In fact, the first consultation with our team won’t cost you a penny. We can also come to you if necessary, wherever you are. If you cannot visit our Pomona office because injuries prevent you from travelling, we will go to you using one of our mobile recovery vehicles

You Don’t Pay Until You Get Paid

Your cost will be nothing unless we get you the benefits you need. We absorb all the expenses related to your case, including investigating the injuries and talking to experts. Contact us today by phone, online, or in person. We’ll be happy to show you how we can help.

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